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SMS templates

Quickly send an SMS message
With the intuitive wizard, you can create an SMS campaign in moments and send it immediately to a selected segment of contacts or schedule a date to send it.

Reasonable prices

From 0,0145 Euro/SMS
The more you send, the more you save. As part of our individual SMS gateway offer, we can tailor a price to your needs and requirements according to the number of contacts you have.

Prepared GDPR

Opt-out features
When creating an SMS message, you can use the unsubscribe function to fully comply with the requirements of the GDPR regulations. You don’t need to set up or check anything, we’ll do it all for you.

Other features

The future of SMS marketing is in Reago
SMS testing
The unsubscribe function
Information about the number of characters and messages
View campaign costs
Functions to remove diacritics and spaces
Campaign statistics
Campaign planning
SMS testing
You can send a test SMS message to yourself as well as to your colleagues before sending the SMS campaign.
The unsubscribe function
Activating the unsubscribe function will insert text into the body of the SMS message. The text contains a unique code and a phone number to allow the recipient to unsubscribe.
Information about the number of characters and messages
When you write an SMS message, the number of characters in the SMS message and the number of messages themselves are automatically displayed below the text editor. This gives you an immediate overview of how long a message you are going to send.
View campaign costs
After you send an SMS message, you will see the amount spent in the campaign overview itself. In no time at all, you have an overview of the costs allocated to sending SMS messages.
Functions to remove diacritics and spaces
Did you write a text message and find that it contains diacritics? Take advantage of the automated feature where one click removes the slashes and commas in the SMS or removes spaces.
Campaign statistics
Once you’ve sent an SMS message, you can instantly see how your campaign is performing with easy-to-understand stats, allowing you to compare the effectiveness of your delivery rates against other campaigns.
Campaign planning
Do you require an SMS message to be sent at a specific time, but you won’t be available at your computer at that moment? If so, you can use the scheduling feature to schedule the time and date of the campaign.

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Milan Pleva

With Reago we no longer need one system for contact management, another for e‑mailing, and yet another for SMS marketing. Everything is conveniently integrated in a single solution.

Milan Pleva Marketing Manager at GoMobil

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