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Contacts in one application
Overview of each contact’s history
Contact segmentation
Customized web form
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You have an overview of everything and from anywhere

Simple contact management
In Reago you manage your contacts in one application. They’re available to you whenever and wherever you connect.

Timeline of contact activities

A clear history of your contacts’ activities
For example, if you need to find out whether your e‑mail has been delivered to a customer, there’s nothing easier than looking at a timeline of activity in the details of each contact.

Custom web form

Collection of contacts via forms
In the app, you can create a custom web form tailored to your needs and use it to collect contacts for your database in Reago.

Other features

One-click information on all your contacts
Import and export contacts
Individual communication
Manage GDPR permissions
Contact tagging
Double opt in function
Simple wizard for web forms
Choice of languages
Import and export contacts
Contacts can be easily imported into the app, but also exported in a few simple steps.
Individual communication
Do you also require individual communication within SMS or e‑mail messages? You can easily do all this in the contact detail itself, where this type of communication can also be sent.
Manage GDPR permissions
You can immediately work with the information obtained from your users. Once they are saved in the database, all permissions are assigned so that you can continue working with the data.
Contact tagging
Tagging your contacts according to your individual needs with custom tags. For example, you can reach out to these contacts with a targeted offer and make your communication more efficient.
Double opt in function
For each form, you have the option to use double opt-in confirmation to subscribe to a contact either via SMS, e‑mail or both.
Simple wizard for web forms
Through a four-step wizard, you can create a web form in no time and simply embed it on your website.
Choice of languages
Do you have a multilingual website and need to insert a web form in English or Czech? When you create it in the application itself, you have the option to select the language.

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Milan Pleva

With Reago we no longer need one system for contact management, another for e‑mailing, and yet another for SMS marketing. Everything is conveniently integrated in a single solution.

Milan Pleva Marketing Manager at GoMobil

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