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SMS marketing

Send SMS messages which most of the recipients will read.

SMS templates

Using our easy-to-use text message editor it takes only a moment to create an attractive campaign for your customers.

Efficient targeting

With the advanced segmentation of contacts facilitated by customised criteria and tags you can send SMS only to a specific target group among your customers.

Unsubscribe feature

When creating a SMS you can use the unsubscribe feature to make sure the campaign fully complies with the GDPR requirements.

Create and send a SMS in a flash

Our intuitively designed guide helps you to quickly create a SMS which you can then send to the selected contact segment right away, or schedule a send date and time in the future.

SMS marketing features and tools

SMS messages
Testing the SMS message
Unsubscribe feature
Embedding custom fields into SMS
Sorting SMS messages into folders
Preview of how the SMS will look
Before sending the actual SMS campaign you can send a test SMS to yourself as well as to your colleagues.
When the unsubscribe feature is activated, an additional piece of text is added to the text message body. This text includes a unique code and a phone number needed for the recipients to unsubscribe.
Using your own custom fields you can embed dynamic items in a SMS which will then display the defined customer data.
For the sake of neater organisation and easier navigation you can sort your text messages to customised folders you have created in the app.
While creating the SMS you can immediately check the resulting look in a preview simulating a mobile device screen.

SMS marketing features and tools

Sending a SMS campaign
Intuitively designed guide
Targeted SMS messaging
Character counter and message counter
Cost reports for the SMS campaigns sent
To make your work on the campaign as effortless as possible we have added an intuitively designed guide which helps you to easily create and send a SMS campaign – no advanced IT skills needed.
Say goodbye to sending SMS at random. Using the filters, you can create contact segments that suit your needs and then engage them with your text SMS campaign.
While creating a text message you can keep track of the number of characters and the total number of messages, both of which are displayed automatically under the text editor. It is thus very easy to control how long your communication will be.
After sending a SMS you can find out its cost in the campaign overview. You can thus instantly monitor the amounts allocated to the individual SMS sent.

SMS marketing features and tools

Other features you will like
Campaign statistics
Contact activity reports
Campaign scheduling
Tool for removing diacritics and spaces
After a SMS has been sent you can immediately keep track of the performance of your campaign thanks to the easy-to-read statistics, and thus also compare the delivery rate efficiency with other campaigns.
Need to find out which contacts have received the message and which haven't? Such data are easily accessible in the neatly organised activity report for each contact.
Want to send a SMS at a specific time but know you will not have access to your computer at the given moment? Use the scheduling feature to specify a time and date when the campaign should be sent, and the system will automatically send it as directed.
Need to get rid of diacritics in a SMS you have already written? Simply use the automated tool designed for this purpose and let the diacritics and spaces disappear in just one click.

What is the price of SMS marketing?

You can get SMS marketing as part of the Campaigns plan
SMS Marketing is currently not available for purchase on its own.


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Milan Pleva, Marketing Manager at GoMobil

„With Reago we no longer need one system for contact management, another for e-mailing, and yet another for SMS marketing. Everything is conveniently integrated in a single solution.“

Milan Pleva, Marketing Manager at GoMobil

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