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Contact management

Manage contacts efficiently and leverage the segmentation tools.

Contact import

Import your own contact list to the app and manage all your data conveniently in one place.

Contact export

Need to export selected contacts or the entire contact list? It will only take you a minute. Once the data are exported you will receive an email notification.

Contact segmentation

Get the most out of your contact list by using advanced filtering based on your customer data. This tool helps you to efficiently create segments which can then be utilised in various ways.

Contact activity reports

For each contact you can display a smartly designed activity map. It tells you when an e-mail or text message was delivered to the user, when it was read, or when a reply was sent to your e-mail.

Contact management features and tools

Contact data
Contact history at a glance
Individual communication
Adding important information
Storing documents
Setting up individual authorisations
If you want to explore the interaction with a given user, all you need to do is open the concise timeline available in the detailed view of each contact.
Need to communicate individually with specific users, via SMS or e-mail? You can easily do this by opening the detailed view of the given contact from where you can send this type of message.
Data are important, and so is having them all neatly organised in one place. You can add notes directly to each contact and keep track of the current status.
Working with various types of contact-related documents which you need to store in one place? You can upload important files to the individual user profiles in our app and have them readily available when needed.
Make sure you meet all the GDPR essentials. The detailed view of each contact includes an overview of all the authorisations granted by the user with regard to data processing. You can add or remove these authorisations later on, among other things.

Contact management features and tools

Efficient communication
Tagging the contacts
Adding custom fields
Contact segmentation
Contact export and import
Tag your contacts as needed, using your own customised tags. This will help you engage your contacts with targeted, and thus more efficient communication.
You can add your own customised fields to the contacts as needed. These fields then enable you to implement the required data to the contacts, and leverage them later on.
With the advanced segmentation of contacts facilitated by customised criteria and tags you can send SMS only to a specific target group among your customers.
It is easy to import contacts in the app or export them in just a few simple steps.

Contact management features and tools

Other features you will like
All contacts in one place
Managing contact ownership
Collecting contacts via a form
The contacts are all neatly organised in one place within the app, and you can access them from anywhere.
Need to specify the owner of a particular contact and thus consolidate important information conveniently? Simply use the contact ownership tool.
One of the ways you can get user data to the app is via a web form, created directly in Reago based on your specific needs and then embedded on your website.

What is the price of Contact management?

You can get Contact management as part of the Campaigns plan
Contact management is currently not available for purchase on its own.


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Milan Pleva, Marketing Manager at GoMobil

„With Reago we no longer need one system for contact management, another for e-mailing, and yet another for SMS marketing. Everything is conveniently integrated in a single solution.“

Milan Pleva, Marketing Manager at GoMobil

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