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E-mail marketing

Create a newsletter and send it in a matter of minutes.

E-mail editor

Create a professionally designed newsletter in a flash with our convenient drag-and-drop e-mail editor.

Targeted campaigns

Easily define a segment of your contacts which should receive the newsletter. Using tags or customised criteria, you will have everything ready in no time.

GDPR sorted

Your contacts can unsubscribe from your e-mail marketing without you having to go through any hassle of setting up anything.

Creating and sending newsletters easily

Using our easy-to-navigate guide you can create a newsletter within minutes. Simply select to whom and when you want to send the message.

E-mail Marketing features and tools

E-mail templates
Import your own template
Template editor
Variously styled pre-designed templates
Sorting templates into folders
Template sharing and testing
Import your own HTML template if you have one. You can then use the editor to make minor modifications.
Use the simple drag-and-drop editor to build a newsletter that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can choose a text editor.
Make your work easier by opting for one of our variously styled pre-designed templates. All you have to do is add your texts or pictures, and you are done.
To keep your e-mail templates neatly organised you may sort them into folders you have created for this purpose. There is no limit to how many folders you can create.
Do you need to have a template approved by a colleague or to discuss it? Simply share a preview with anyone you need.

E-mail Marketing features and tools

Sending a newsletter
Easy-to-use guide
Targeted campaigns
Testing before sending
Send time scheduling
Our easy-to-navigate guide will help you to create an e-mail campaign within minutes. Simply select to whom you want to send the newsletter and when.
You can segment the newsletter audience. Select all your contacts or only a specific group using the filtering tool and adding advanced conditions.
Test your newsletter before sending. Simply send it to any number of test addresses, for example to your own and your colleagues’ address.
Send your newsletter to the selected contacts right away or schedule a send time for a specific day and time in the future.

E-mail Marketing features and tools

Other features you will like
Campaign statistics
Contact activity reports
GDPR sorted
Personalised custom fields
As soon as you send a campaign you can track the open rate, click rate, and many other statistical data online. All conveniently presented in a single online dashboard.
Want to find out which people have not read your e-mail so that you may give them a call? No problem. You can see how people interact with your campaigns in the individual activity reports.
As you may know you are obliged to enable the contacts to unsubscribe from your newsletters. Reago has it all sorted out so you don't need to set up anything.
Need to incorporate dynamic items into each e-mail within a given campaign, for example in order to address each recipient by name? Simply use the custom field tool.

What is the price of E-mail marketing?

You can get E-mail marketing as part of the Campaigns plan
E-mail marketing is currently not available for purchase on its own.


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Milan Pleva, Marketing Manager at GoMobil

„With Reago we no longer need one system for contact management, another for e-mailing, and yet another for SMS marketing. Everything is conveniently integrated in a single solution.“

Milan Pleva, Marketing Manager at GoMobil

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