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Contact collection

Collect contacts easily via web forms.

Customised web form

Using the app you can create your own web form tailored to your needs, including the colour palette.

Saving data to the database automatically

All the contacts you gain via the web form are automatically saved to your app database.

Tagging the collected contacts

You can tag each contact added to your database in the app, thus facilitating more efficient processing of the contacts.

Double opt‑in

For every form you can choose double opt‑in, with confirmation via a text message, e-mail, or both.

Contact collection features and tools

A web form tailored to your needs
Defining the input fields
Adding more fields
Tagging the collected contacts
Setting the colour palette of the form
Double opt‑in
The web form you create may contain up to 4 input fields: name, surname, phone number, and e-mail. You can thus collect information that is truly important for you.
The web form can be extended with additional fields in the form of a select box populated with options defined by you. This will enable you to sort your contacts, for example based on their interests indicated in the web form.
You can label each contact with a tag defined on the level of the entire form, or a tag defined based on the options you incorporated into the form.
You can choose the colours of the web form in order to suit your needs and the style of the website where the form will be displayed.
Want to gather data that are truly relevant? Select double opt‑in, with confirmation via a text message, e-mail, or both of these.

Contact collection features and tools

Simple implementation
Generating a web script
Sharing the URL address
Testing the form
Editing the form
When the web form is finished the system generates a unique script which you can easily embed on your website, thus displaying the form to the visitors.
Need to share the finished web form with your colleagues? Simply send them a unique URL address of the form, generated by the app.
Before you embed the form on your website you can test everything thoroughly using the web form testing tool in the last step of the guide.
Need to alter the form later on? Use the edit tool to swiftly make the required alterations. Once you save them the form embedded on your website gets updated accordingly.

Contact collection features and tools

Other features you will like
Efficient collection of contact data
GDPR compliance
Choice of language
Creating a form with our easy-to-use guide
Collecting data from your customers has never been easier. Make the most of the web form which you can easily create in our app.
You can start working with the collected user data right away. Once they are saved in the database the system assigns all authorisations, thus allowing you to continue with the processing.
Have a multi-language website? Need to embed a web form in English or Czech? Simply select the required language when creating the form in our app.
Using the 4-step guide you can create a web form in no time, and then easily embed it on your website.

What is the price of Contact collection?

You can get Contact collection as part of the Campaigns plan
Contact collection is currently not available for purchase on its own.


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Milan Pleva, Marketing Manager at GoMobil

„With Reago we no longer need one system for contact management, another for e-mailing, and yet another for SMS marketing. Everything is conveniently integrated in a single solution.“

Milan Pleva, Marketing Manager at GoMobil

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